We help Doctoral candidates prepare theses for submission. We also proofread reports, journal articles and Masters' theses. Upon receipt of your work, you will receive a Quote, an estimated timeframe, and an Invoice upon completion of our work. Your University may fund this service. To discuss your thesis please call 0487635539 or email Dr Bronte Somerset

FIRSTLY, please check if you have reached Stage 1 or Stage 2.


1. Two people will read and collaborate on your thesis either on hard copy or by tracking changes.

2. We check: spelling, grammar, punctuation, hyphen use and typos; hedging, split infinitives, tautologies & tense; sentence construction, logical sequencing, repetitions, clarity and incomplete or over-complicated sentences; and calculations where possible.

3. Conformity to referencing style will be checked in text and in reference list.

4. Our Report usually includes general, editoral, proofreading, referencing and formatting comments.

5. We need to know that: your Supervisor has read your work; the referencing style you have used; and, if you have any special instructions.


1. One person will read your thesis using track changes for a final check of word use, typographical errors, spelling and punctuation.

2. Comments will be made in the margin and each page may require a few or no amendments.

3. We need to know that: your Supervisor has read your work; the referencing style you have used; and if you have any special instructions.

PROOFREADING COSTS for Stage 1 and Stage 2, please see the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

FORMATTING | CHECKLIST for your formatting instructions

We format theses according to your faculty's requirements and referencing style to:
* create heading styles and generate a table of contents.
* apply caption styles for tables, figures, graphs, plates, maps, etc. captions, and generate lists of tables, figures.
* format Roman and Arabic page numbers for different sections if required.
* set marginsfor binding if required.

For FORMATTING COSTS, please see the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Pre-published papers:

Except for simple graphs, figures, or diagrams, .pdf pages will not fit into a Word document with a 4cm left margin for binding, and will reproduce poorly when printed. For prepublished papers, pamphlets, booklets, etc, we suggest you bind .pdfs separately and insert them into a sleeve inside the bound thesis's front cover. If possible, the best option is to create files to be converted to .pdf with a 4cm margin.


We are a fastidious proofreading team and from 2009 to 2018 have helped over 80 candidates, mostly from Australian universities, to prepare their theses for submission.

These include: Cairnmillar Institute, Melbourne | Charles Sturt University | Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney | Department of Primary Industries | James Cook University | Lancaster University, UK | LaTrobe University | Macquarie Graduate School of Management | Macquarie University | Menzies School of Health Research | Monash University | Queensland University of Technology | RMIT | Southern Cross University | Swinburne University | University of Dhaka, Bangladesh | University of Melbourne | University of New England |University of Newcastle | University of Notre Dame | University of NSW | University of Queensland | University of Southern Queensland | University of Sydney | University of Technology, Sydney | University of Wollongong | Victoria University.

Stymied by Referencing?

For instant intext and reference list examples of various combinations, try this very easy to use referencing style database re : Cite from the University of Melbourne, for APA, Harvard, Chicago, Vancouver, MLA and AGLC.

APA 6th Ed. Quick HELP! | The Finer Details of Thesis Writing and Formatting

Last updated April, 2018